Lifeguards help teen surfer out of danger

SBBN Belhaven Bay lifeguards rescue 16-year-old
SBBN Belhaven Bay lifeguards rescue 16-year-old

RNLI lifeguards attending a surf competition at Belhaven Bay last week found themselves providing medical assistance to a 16-year-old from Thurso who got into trouble after inhaling some water.

RNLI lifeguards Catriona and Kayleigh were at the competition offering safety cover as well as promoting lifeguarding as Scotland’s best summer job. The RNLI is still looking to take on more lifeguards to cover beaches in Fife and the Borders this summer.

At around 6.10pm the young surfer from Thurso was free surfing (surfing outside of the competition) with a few friends when he was caught out by a couple of waves and inhaled some water.

His friends helped him to the shore where staff from Coast to Coast Surf School helped him away from the water’s edge and put him in the recovery position.

The RNLI lifeguards assessed the casualty and determined his condition was severe enough to require oxygen which they administered from their response bag, and monitored his condition until an ambulance arrived.

The young surfer was later back in good health and was on the beach the next day supporting those involved in the competition.

The RNLI is still recruiting for lifeguards to work on beaches in Fife and the Borders this summer. If you are interested to find out more please visit the website or contact RNLI Scotland Lifeguard Manager Tim Doran at