Lifeboat crew argues to save doomed station

St Abbs inshore lifeboat RNLI
St Abbs inshore lifeboat RNLI

The volunteers of the St Abbs lifeboat station have provided the RNLI with a list of 13 points arguing against the station’s closure.

The points range from consideration of the sheer number of visitors to the coastline, including divers, walkers and anglers, to the difficulties in launching boats from Dunbar and Berwick in poor weather.

Euan Gibson, crew committee member, said this week’s rescue of a fishing boat by the Dunbar lifeboat had illustrated the difficulty that D Class boats in windy conditions.

According to the RNLI’s log of the call, the Dunbar boat, responding to a call on Friday, May 22, only just managed to tow a fishing boat that had lost power into harbour before the water level fell too far to make it feasible.

Meanwhile, Scottish Borders Council has entered the debate.

At the Council meeting on Thursday (May 21), members agreed that the RNLI will be requested to review its decision to close the lifeboat station at St Abbs.

Councillor Sandy Aitchison moved: “Scottish Borders Council request that the RNLI review its decision to close the lifeboat station at St Abbs until discussion had taken place with all interested parties including Scottish Borders Council and the local community.”

The motion was unanimously approved.

RNLI public relations manager for Scotland, Richard Smith responded: “The RNLI thanks everyone for their interest in the future of St Abbs lifeboat station.

“The charity is well aware of the strength of feeling shown by the crew and the community following the recent announcement by the charity’s trustees that the station will close.

“The RNLI will take into consideration all the points raised if it decides to review the decision to close the lifeboat station.”