Lifeboat called out to mysterious object

Dunbar lifeboat.
Dunbar lifeboat.

Dunbar’s lifeboat the John Neville Taylor was dispatched by Aberdeen Coastguard after reports of an object in the water just off the Bass Rock on Friday April 15 at 12.53pm.

The object was described as 1.5 meters in length and about 1 meter in height, semi-submerged causing a hazard to any passing vessels in the area. Due to the location, Aberdeen Coastguard paged North Berwick lifeboat to conduct a search near the bass rock. With the weather worsening, a decision was made to page Dunbar’s lifeboat to take over the search on the east side of the bass.

After conducting a parallel search, Aberdeen Coastguard were happy that the object had either sunk or made its way ashore and informed the crew to return to station.

Dunbar’s made its way back to Torness to be refuelled and made ready for service a short time after.