Lib Dems pledge pension guarantee

Almost 30,000 Borders pensioners would be better off by around £800 a year with the Liberal Democrats’ pledge to continue linking it to whichever is higher - earnings, prices or 2.5%.

This would make the state pension worth at least £131 a week by 2020, up from £97.65 four years ago.

Borders MP Michael Moore said: “I am extremely proud that in Government, the Liberal Democrats have introduced the pensions triple lock to ensure that everyone is guaranteed a decent pension on retirement.

“This commitment to enshrine the triple lock into law would mean that pensioners would never again need fear the paltry rises we saw under the previous Government.”

Pensioners on a full state pension would get at least £6,800 in 2020, the minimum increase, however the actual level is likely to be higher, at £139.95 per week (£7,277 per year).