Lib Dem pledge to take care of carers

The 1500 carers in the Borders would get an extra £250 according to MP Michael Moore, under a Liberal Democrat government.

They are proposing a no strings attached Carer’s Bonus to help full-time carers with extra help, recognising the invaluable contribution they make to society. The carer’s bonus would be worth £125 at the start of the next parliament and would rise to £250-a-year by 2020.

Mr Moore said: “Carers in the Borders are our unsung heroes. Week in, week out people across the region are caring for loved ones and making a massive contribution to our community.

“Roughly six in ten of us will, at some point in our lives, care for someone, whether an elderly relative, a sick child or a friend who needs our help.

“Carers deserve our recognition and support which is why I welcome the commitment in the Liberal Democrat manifesto to give a bonus to carers.”