Flodden Memorial comemorates the Battle of Flodden in 1513, seen here with Branxton village in the background.
Flodden Memorial comemorates the Battle of Flodden in 1513, seen here with Branxton village in the background.

Sitting on the fence in Coldstream

SIR, - I have read the article in the Berwickshire News and the letter distributed by Coldstream FC, about the suggested alterations to Home Park to satisfy the Scottish Football Association.

May I, through your column, seek some clarification which may help me and other residents to decide whether to support the proposed gates and fencing to enclose the pitch and footpath?

How much financial, administrative and coaching support do Coldstream FC and the SFA give to the development of youth and children’s football in the town?

How many current players are resident in Coldstream?

How many residents regularly support the team on a Saturday?

How many games per year demand fencing and spectator stands to proceed?

What guarantees have been given by the SFA that further substantial work and alterations will not be demanded in future?

These areas seem to have been omitted from the original documentation. Answers would be much appreciated.


Bennecourt Drive,


Twinning visit was great success

SIR, - First of all acknowledging the fine coverage you gave in your paper of the visit of our twin town of Zagan may I also express grateful thanks to all who contributed to its success.

Thanks to Berwickshire Wheels and the driver for all the help with transport; BAVS for the generous grant and all the efficient photocopying; to BAVS shop in Duns fon their beautiful Polish window; to the Kents for their ideal accommodation; to Gavinton Hall for the use of their crockery; to Greenlaw Primary School for welcoming the visitors and for their presentation on Wojtek the Bear; to Scottish Borders Council for arranging a visit to their HQ by the chief executive of Zagan County and for flying the Polish flag from the council offices in Duns; to Garry Paulin for generously giving copies of his book on Wojtek to the visitors; to Shonagh Duncan for playing the pipes at the war memorial; to Farne Salmon for providing some delectable smoked salmon; to Mr Karolewski from Hutton for showing us all round Winfield and showing us all the places where Wojtek was and last, but by no means least, I want to thank all my fellow members of the Duns and District Twinning Association for a fantastic piece of teamwork and pulling it all together.

The visit was a great success. Thank you to everybody.


Polwarth Crofts,


Tribute to Joan

SIR, - I would like to pay tribute to Joan Sanderson, who since August 2003, has worked for the Scottish Borders library and information services.

Joan’s remit within the library service is changing slightly, meaning that she will no longer be the friendly face behind the counter as one enters the library in Duns. Her input has been immense and I’m sure that many library members will join me in thanking Joan for her friendly service and imaginative initiatives, such as the poetry workshop and the readers’ group. Joan has also been very keen to develop reading in younger children and we have spent many happy Saturday mornings at the Book Bug club, doing story-telling and crafts.

Even though Joan will not actually be working any more behind the counter at Duns Library, I am happy to say that she will still be very much involved with the provision of library services in Duns in her new post as assistant librarian - communities, and will be working with the local community and library users as before, as well as being involved at Coldstream and Eyemouth Libraries.

On behalf of Duns community, thank you Joan - and all the other staff members of the library, who have made it such an informative place where people feel valued and welcomed. We look forward to the new integrated library service opening in the week commencing December 17, and wish all staff members well in their new posts!



Support for Scouts

SIR, - A big thank you to all those who supported our coffee morning in Coldingham Village Hall on November 3 - we managed to raise £352 which is an excellent sum for a small village. We are fundraising for Eyemouth Scout Group who are going to Norway in July 2013 to take part in an International Camp - two local Scouts, Lizzie Edmondson and Archie Bogle are part of the group. Whilst the cost of the camp is being met by parents, we are trying to raise sufficient funds to cover the cost of the Scout troop visiting the Arctic Circle while they are there. Once again, many thanks to all who supported us.



No such thing as a free lunch!

SIR, - With the increasing public criticism on wind farms regarding their cost and their contribution, or lack or it, to our electricity supply system there are additional costs of which you may not be aware.

Recently there was a declaration by the Scottish First Minister that there is to be an acceleration in the construction of many more wind farms in Scotland. Also an allied news item declared that a £800m hydro power station capable of supplying a million homes with electricity has been approved by the Scottish Highland Council.

Do not hold your breath! It is not a hydro power station producing electricity it is a pumped storage scheme. It pumps water from a loch at low level to another loch at high level where it is stored. If there is then an urgent demand for electricity the stored water will be directed to turbines, at low level, driving electrical generators. Such a system will supply a limited amount of electricity for a limited number of hours until it is exhausted. At this point the water will once again need to be pumped back to the upper loch to restore the system ready for reuse. This scheme is part of some massive electrical system work in Scotland.

What is it for? In conjunction with a new overhead grid line, itself costing £350m, it will allow the connection of future wind farms to the national grid. Who pays for it? We the tax payer. As I said there is no such thing as a free lunch.




‘It’s Good to Give’ at Duns

SIR, - Through your column, on behalf of Elaine and the committee of ‘It’s Good 2 Give Kilimanjaro Climb’, may I let everyone know that the dance in the Volunteer Hall on Saturday, November 3, raised a massive £3336.48.There are too many people to thank individually but thank you to all the businesses and people who donated items for the auction and raffle and to the people who bought tickets and came along and made the night such a big success. Without the support of local people and surrounding areas this would not have been possible and for this we are truly grateful. This is a great start to Elaine’s personal target of raising £10,000 to help support families who are dealing with a child with cancer.



Generous donations

SIR, - May we, through you paper, thank family and friends for their fantastic donations at our recent ruby wedding party. The sum of £526.83 has been sent to Breakthrough Breast Cancer. Thank you to one and all.


RNLI birthday gift

SIR, - May I through this page thank everyone who attended the 90th birthday of Tommy Thomson and the 70th bithday of Barbara Geddes in Swan Court on October 5. The sum of £486 was donated to RNLI and the blind.

Thanks to Helen and James for everything


Swan Court,