Lessons in how to be responsible citizens

BORDER youngsters are learning about their legal responsibilities and rights through an innovative new education programme introduced into the region’s schools.

Scottish law firm, Davidson Chalmers LLP, is funding the ‘Schools Law & Citizenship’ web for more than 60 primary and secondary schools across the region.

Teachers can display, download and duplicate the project material from the School Law & Citienship website.

Andy Drane, lead partner for the Scottish Borders at Davidson Chalmers, said: “This is a very worthwhile initiative which helps pupils understand the vital role law plays in our society.”

The law and citizenship programme has the full support of the Law Society of Scotland, their director of education and training, Liz Campbell saying: “We are delighted Davidson Chalmers is supporting this imaginative programme as it helps break down some of the misconceptions and stereotypes which still persist about lawyers and the work they do.”

Director of the Schools Law Web, Patrick Gaffney, added: “We can only make a difference in schools if we gain the support of the wider community.

“The support from law firms throughout the country has been remarkable. They are clearly keen to increase the understanding of young people. Over 300,000 pupils have now been catered for and the legal profession deserves great credit for this.”

John Lamont MSP said: “This is a very worthwhile programme and I am glad pupils across the Borders will be able to benefit from it. Too often pupils leave school with a very basic knowledge of the laws of our country and what it means to be a good citizen.

“With vandalism and anti-social behaviour still being all too prevalent, it is important that we do all we can to curb this behaviour. This programme should help to address this.”

“By teaching pupils at an early stage about the responsibilities they have as a citizen we can hopefully ensure that they behave within the law for future years.”