Leaflet swap at Gunsgreen House

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On Wednesday, March 7 from 6-8pm, Gunsgreen House will be hosting a ‘leaflet swap’ for all local businesses and organisations. The idea is that for two hours, Gunsgreen will be open for anyone to come along, bringing new season leaflets and swapping with others.

The aim of the event is to give companies an opportunity to mingle and meet other businesses as well as a free, easy way to help promote each other.

Swapping means you can display leaflets from others in your business, and in return they will do so for you.

No booking required, simply go along to Gunsgreen on Wednesday.

Tips include: bundle up leaflets into packs of 50, so they are easier for other businesses to pick up and give and take, if you want others to take your leaflets take theirs as well.