Landslide repairs at Horncliffe due to be completed by Easter

Landslide at Horncliffe outside Chain Bridge Honey Farm
Landslide at Horncliffe outside Chain Bridge Honey Farm

A £200,000 scheme to repair the road partially washed away by a landslide at Horncliffe will be completed by Easter, weather permitting.

Northumberland County Council has been unable to carry out some site investigation work required before the scheme can start but is hopeful that can be done when the weather improves.

A council spokesman said: “We have been planning to carry out a supplementary site investigation to see if there is proof of rock at a high level, which will determine what we can do to repair the road.

“However, we have been held up because of the current weather conditions. If we can go ahead then we would hope to complete the work by Easter. It would cost around £200,000.”

The C3 road near Chain Bridge Honey Farm has been impassable for vehicle since the landslide occurred after a prolonged period of wet weather last July. The wash out is just 100m south of the area affected by the landslip of 2008 which took 18 months to repair.

A combination of the recent heavy rainfall and a burst water pipe is believed to have led to the section of road slipping down the embankment into the River Tweed.

Honey farm owner Willie Robson said: “We’re pleased the council is trying to get the work done as soon as possible, although I’m not sure it will be done by Easter. It’s understandable that the bad weather has held things up but they’ve been on site in the last few days trying to find solid rock.

“It took such a long time to get the road reopened after the last landslip that we were worried it would be the same again but the council were very quick this time to put in another road so that our business wouldn’t suffer.”