Land plan under discussion

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The allocation of land for housing and employment use in settlements across the Borders is under consideration and public consultation starts tomorrow, December 6.

A summary of proposed land use in Berwickshire will be given at the Berwickshire Area Forum, this evening, Thursday, December 5, starting at 6.30pm.

Members of the public have until Monday, March 3, 2014, to make their views known on the Local Development Plan, which will replace the existing Local Plan. It sets out a range of proposals for the Borders including a variety of land uses as well as policies to influence decision-making on applications.

The LDP is required as part of the new planning process introduced by the Scottish Government, which means councils must notify neighbours of any development proposals within the plan.

While the vast majority of neighbour notifications are connected to sites already in the existing Local Plan, the remainder relate to new site proposals.

Neighbour notification letters have been sent out by SBC clarifying which category a proposal falls into. There are few surprises in the Local Development Plan for the majority of the 27 Berwickshire settlements included.

For most of the district’s towns and villages there is no change to the land already allocated for housing of mixed use development. In many places much of the land allocated for housing of mixed used still remains to be developed.

Swinton is the only Berwickshire settlement where additional allocation of housing and community benefit has been identified – to the south east.