Lamont welcomes passing of High Hedges Bill

John Lamont has welcomed a bill which gives homeowners the power to get councils to force neighbours with high hedges to cut them to a certain height.

The High Hedges (Scotland) Bill was passed in the Scottish Parliament on Thursday, March 28 and the Berwickshire MSP said it was a welcome piece of legislation as he had received many letters from constituents seeking advice on such issues in the last few years.

He commented: “I have been contacted by many local residents over the past few years about difficulties with high hedges. It is a problem that has cropped up time and time again, and I know that it has caused a lot of frustration in some areas.

“The passage of this bill marks a large step towards helping to deal with this problem, and will allow councils to reduce the size of hedges that are proving to be a nuisance to local residents.

“It is an undoubtedly welcome measure that will now ensure that the law is on the side of those residents who have taken all reasonable measures to resolve a dispute over high hedges.”

“However it is important that we continue to monitor the effectiveness of this legislation regularly over the coming years. We must ensure that it does not overburden councils, and that any problems with it are dealt with as soon as possible.”