Lamont calls for review of HGV speed limits

John Lamont MSP wants to see HGV speed limits increased
John Lamont MSP wants to see HGV speed limits increased
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Borders MSP John Lamont has called on the Scottish Government to reconsider the speed limit for HGVs on single carriageways. Vehicles over 7.5 tonnes are currently limited to 40mph per hour, but this often leads to tailbacks on roads such as the A1, A7 and A68 and drivers attempting dangerous overtaking manoeuvres.

The UK Government is currently considering raising the speed limit up to 45mph or 50mph in the rest of the UK, but the Scottish Government has revealed that they have not yet had any discussions about raising speed limits.

Mr Lamont commented: “There are several stretches of single carriageway roads in the Borders that see a lot of HGVs travel up and down them every single day. While the 40mph limit was designed to reduce the number of accidents, it is now having the reverse effect as these vehicles are causing long tailbacks and road rage.

“This in turn leads to many drivers attempting dangerous and risky overtaking manoeuvres, several of which have resulted in head on collisions over the last few years. Many of these have been fatal for those involved, and with some stretches of these roads already being dangerous we need to do what we can to improve safety.

“Having free flowing traffic on roads such as the A1, A68 and A7 will have clear benefits to road safety and I believe will lead to fewer accidents.”