Lafarge to mark 50th anniversary

The Dunbar Cement Works will be 50 next year (April 2013), and to help prepare for the celebrations, Lafarge is inviting all retired employees to an evening at Hallhill Healthy Living Centre on September 5 to sift through old records and photos, and record memories of how the site has changed through the years.

The works has enjoyed a long-standing connection with the local communities around Dunbar.

Dunbar was chosen as the site for this new works as it provides the only economic reserves of the main raw materials – limestone and shale – in Scotland suitable for cement manufacture.

Some 550 people were employed at the new works and around 90 per cent of the jobs were taken by local people. The workforce is now nearer 130. It is some of these former employees the works is hoping will come along on September 5.

If you are a former employee and interested in attending the evening please either email the works at or call 01368 863 371.