Ladykirk’s Flodden Flower Festival

Stoneroof at Ladykirk
Stoneroof at Ladykirk
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Ladykirk Church’s contribution to the Battle of Flodden 500th anniversary events is to host one of the eight flower festivals taking place on both sides of the border.

Ladykirk flower festival is being held on Friday, August 16, 12 noon-7pm, Saturday, August 17, 10am– 7pm, and Sunday, August 18, 12 noon to 6pm.

Amongst the thousands who died at Flodden was James IV, King of Scots, who had ordered the building of Ladykirk church 13 years before the Battle of Flodden. The church houses the only known bust of King James on its west wall.

It is appropriate that Ladykirk has one of the Flodden flower festivals as not only the kirk’s founder died at Flodden, but also because it was at Ladykirk that the peace treaty between Scotland and England was signed in 1559, marking the end of centuries of warfare.