Kittens found tied up in bin bag and left to die

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Two kittens are recovering at the Scottish Borders Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centre after they were cruelly tied up inside a bin bag and left to die.

The Scottish SPCA is hunting the callous person who dumped the helpless eight week old kittens found along an old railway path in Hawick.

The male and female kittens, who have been named Midnight and Shadow, were taken to a local vet and are now being cared for at Mellerstain.

Senior Inspector Jenny Scott said: “The lady found the kittens when her dog was drawn towards a garden refuse sack that had been dumped in undergrowth. When she opened it she found a plastic bag with the two kittens tied inside. If they hadn’t been found, the poor things would have starved or suffocated to death. They were very hungry but remarkably they seem to be making a full recovery.”