Kirstie is the new BBC writer in residence

Kirstie Swain, new BBC Scotland Writer in residence
Kirstie Swain, new BBC Scotland Writer in residence

The Berwickshire woman whose screenplays hit national television last year is the new writer in residence with BBC Scotland Drama.

Kirstie Swain was awarded the six month residency, and the chance to work with the BBC in Glasgow on a new project, after winning the prestigious Frank Deasy Award.

Kirstie’s first Eastenders script was beamed into the living rooms of millions las September, and she has also written for Holby City and Doctors. This experience helped her beat off over 100 other entrants to take the prize.

“I had to send in a full script and also a two-page outline of an idea for a series,” she explained.

Kirstie, whose parents live in Ayton has recently been based in London, but is looking back to her roots for inspiration.

“My idea is to write something about a group of young girls who are all growing up together in a small fishing town - a bit like Eyemouth, I suppose.

“They all work together in a fish factory, and they’ve been friends since primary school, and they’re just kind of, well, floundering around.

“Stories like that are really close to my heart - I write what I know!”

“Where I come from is really important to me as a writer. Scotland is in everything I write and to be recognised by an award that celebrates that makes me really proud.”

Kirstie says she is honoured to be associated with the name of Frank Deasy, the Irish writer who relocated to Glasgow after falling in love with the city.

“I don’t know if I share anything with him in terms of writing skill,” she said, “but I know I definitely share his affection for Glasgow and Scotland and I can’t wait to explore that with BBC Scotland. Plus, it means that the £18.76 I spent on Royal Mail Special Delivery charges was worth it!

“When I moved away I was watching River City to hear the voices because I was so homesick. I was last up about a month ago. This is a great chance to get back to Glasgow, where I’ve lived before, and get my own accent back after living in London!”