Kirsten ez maist excellent

Kirsten Cow of Berwickshire High School with her certificates and trophies awarded after becoming Young Burnsian of the Year
Kirsten Cow of Berwickshire High School with her certificates and trophies awarded after becoming Young Burnsian of the Year
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Hawick amang the Hills wiz alive ti the sounds o Music an poetry ez 165 Borders young fowk took pert in the annual Burns skils festivals under the pairtnership o’ the Borders Association O Burns Clubs and Scottish Borders Cooncil.

Ane Kirsten Cowe, whae hails fi Chirnside herself an whae attends The Berwickshire Hi Skil, a maist wonderful edifice at the west end o Duns, whae is makin a name fur hersel’ ez a maist excellent reciter o the works o Scotia’s Bard claimed the crown o’ Senior Borders Burnsian o 2011 an lifted the Buick an’ Galbraith Trophies ez the Champion o Champions oot o the singin, recitin an players o instruments categories fi a’ the High Skils competin.

Shei wiz joined bi the maist wonderful fiddler ah’ve ever heard comin oot o a Primary Skil in the shape of ane Eryn Rae fi Parkside Primary in Jedhart whae picked up that mony trophies, including the Young Borders Burnsian Sandy Hogg Trophy, that oo wur ance gaun ti organise a dumper truck ti help her get thum back hame.

This wee lassie whae is aboot fower inches bigger than the fiddle itsel, hed every toe tappin an every haun clappin ez she mesmerized an audience o hunners in Hawick Burns Club.

Wid ee believe that oo sterted thay competitions in 2003 wi 13 competitors ???!!!! Mun, whit a support oo git fae the bairns, the teachers, helpers an sic like fi a around oor region.

An the Cooncil!! Ah de care whit abuddy else says. Thae sumtimes dae a no bad job ata!! Ti bi fair, iffen eet hedna bin fur Hawick Burns Club an the Cooncil oo wedna be hevvin thae competitions at a.

The Director O Edjicaeshun, Glenn Rodger, an his PA Gail Moffat hae mah utmaist gratitude an respect. If the Cooncil hud oany money Ah’d borrow sum o eet and pay fir thae twa ti get the Freedom o the Coonty.

Every ane o the young fowk performin, ane or twa ez young ez seeven year ald mind, ez a champion in mah book. Ah git invitit ti Burnsies Suppers a ower the place but this ez the highlight o mah Burns Year.

The list o Prize Winners ez as follows;

P4/P5 Singing - 3rd Jessica Little, Philiphaugh; 2nd Robin Lowthian, Kirkhope*; Winner Millie Coltherd Knowepark*.

P4/P5 Reciting - 3rd Martha Shepherd, Chirnside; 2nd Kirten Gibson Edenside*; Winner Rachel Burns Duns*.

P4/P5 Instrumental - 3rd Katy Lowthian, Kirkhope; 2nd Robin Lowthian, Kirkhope*; Hannah Wyness, Parkside*.

P6/P7 Singing - 3rd Honor Brett, Melrose; 2nd Rebecca McCue, Lilliesleaf*; Winner Angus Reid, Ettrick*.

P6/P7 Reciting - 3rd Paige Riddle, Philiphaugh; 2nd Barnaby Bevan, Duns*, Winner Ryan Angus, Edenside*.

P6/P7 Iinstrumental - 3rd Aimee Martin, Edenside; 2nd Tom Elliot, Kirkhope*; Winner Eryn Rae, Parkside*.

S1/S2 - Winner Eilish Turner, Hawick HS*.

S1/S2 Reciting - 3rd James Jobson, Kelso; 2nd Julie Cockburn, BHS*; Winner Kirsten Cowe, BHS*.

S3/S4 Singing - 3rd Frances Pattinson, BHS; 2nd Sally Thomas, Hawick HS*; Winner Lauren Smith Kelso HS*.

S3/S4 Reciting - 3rd,Callum Potts, Kelso HS ; 2nd James Bell, Kelso HS*; Winner, David Cockburn BHS*.

S3/S4 Instrumental - Shonagh Duncan, PIPER, BHS*; 2nd Lindsay Hunter, Kelso HS*, Winner Alex Prentice, BHS*.

S5/S6 Singing - Kirsty Ellison, BHS; 2nd Joshua Bayles, BHS*; Winner Evelyn Armstrong, Hawick HS*.

S5/S6 Instrumental - Winner Katie Johnston BHS*.

(Those marked * qualify automatically for the RBWF National Schools Festivals which will be held in Lockerbie High School on Saturday, April 30, for Secondary Schools and Saturday, May 14, for Primary Schools both of which commence registration at 11:15 am with a 12.30 start prompt.)

Last but not least, a maist wondefu wee Choir fi the best Primary Skil in the hale o Duns sang thur herts oot and will represent The Borders at The National Choirs Festival in Peebles High Skil oan Saturday, May 7, stertin at 11am registration and first song at 12 noon.