Kevin is Eyemouth’s biggest loser

Kevin pictures as he set out on his Slimming World experience.
Kevin pictures as he set out on his Slimming World experience.

Slimming groups are not “just for women” as Kevin Kelly from Eyemouth once thought - and after losing seven stone he is living proof that going to them can work.

Being told by his surgeon he needed to lose five stone before he could have a hip replacement operation spurred Kevin into action and despite misgivings he joined his local Slimming World group at Eyemouth run by Fiona Blaikie.

Kevin pictured after losing seven stone.

Kevin pictured after losing seven stone.

The surgeon had suggested a slimming group but Kevin admitted: “The thought of going to a slimming group was something that had never entered my mind before.

“Surely they were just for women?...Men don’t go to slimming groups! In desperation I found out who ran the local group and got in touch.

“I didn’t go! I thought it’s not for men and even if I did go I’d probably not like it so what was the point.

“Three or four weeks later I got in touch with Fiona again and said I would come along that week. I walked in and saw 20+ women all sitting chatting, queueing up for something, making themselves cups of tea etc and thought, I’ll never fit in here.

“Anyway Fiona sat me down and we had a one to one introductory chat about Slimming World, the plan; I was given books etc and she explained everything, in a very upbeat positive way.

“I thought it all sounded very good but I was the only male there and how on earth would I get on with all of these women? To cut a long story short they were all great and a lot of fun to be with.

“My first week I lost 9 lbs. I couldn’t believe it. I started Slimming World in September 2016 and by April 2017 I’d lost just over 6 stone.

“For me the best thing about the weight loss is how much healthier I feel.”

Kevin’s weight loss is now seven stone and he is feeling so much better that his surgeon now thinks it could be seven years before he needs the hip replacement operation.

“The women that frightened me on my first night have been some of my biggest supporters on my journey and they have inspired me with their weight losses to keep going. Fiona of course has been the catalyst that keeps us all going and I can’t thank her enough.

“A few more men have started attending which is great to see and I’d like to think that in some small way I might have inspired them to attend and keep going.

“Slimming groups aren’t just for women as I’ve found out and I just wish I’d done this years ago. But it’s never too late guys!”