Kennels are completely full, but extension ready to open at last

wE would be delighted to welcome everyone to the kennels this Sunday, June 19, at 10.30am for the opening of the new kennel extension.

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 19th June 2011, 9:00 am

Afterwards there will be a chance to look around the kennels and see all the animals.

So if you have ever put money in a tin, donated items for our events or to sell in our shop, supported an event, adopted an animal, dropped food into our food bins, left vegetables at our door, supplied us with blankets, beds or toys, sponsored a kennel, mentioned BARK to anyone or told them about one of our wonderful animals that either we or you have, volunteered, in fact any of the hundreds of ways you could have shown support to BARK and the animals in our care you are very welcome.

If you would like to find out more about our work or perhaps would like to volunteer, please do come along, you are all invited.

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The kennels are completely full at the moment. Dogs in residence are long term residence Todd, Jack and Kim. Let’s hope this weekend finds this trio their own homes.

Tara and Tori are a lovely pair and ideally should be rehomed together. Tori is a Husky cross and Tara a white and black greyhound, both under four. Collie types Rhona, who is nine, and Sonic, just a year are both full of energy. Ozzy is another greyhound, eight months old, with lovely eyes.

Takara, six, is an excellent Akita type. She is very well behaved around people and dogs. Foxy is a small cross. He is good around people and the other dogs. As he came in as a stray we do not have any history or age on him, but probably coming up for ten.

Another dog that came in as a supposed stray is Hamish, not his real name. A nice dog with a lot of people wanting to rehome him. Please if you need your animal rehomed ring or come in and see us. We will help.

There are lots of reasons why an animal needs to be rehomed, it is not an easy thing to give up a member of your family. We know most owners want the best for their animals and will do all they can to make sure they get the best chance of going to the right new home.

How unfair for an animal to be put in kennels as a stray so we don’t even know its name, its history or whether it has ongoing health problems.

This particular dog, had it come in for rehoming, could have been rehomed very quickly. As it is we, by law, have to keep it for seven days. This costs the charity unnecessary money and means the kennel is tied up so another dog in need can not come in.

Cats looking for homes are Twinkles, Daisy, Skittles, Amber, Suki, Mikey, Pippen, Mitzi, Milo, Bella, Mia, Squirt, Rhap and Dee. We have a huge variety of cats from long to short haired, small to large, young to old, friendly to those with ‘interesting personalities’. We are also looking for homes for feral cats. These cats are not at our kennels. Do you have a need for one or two good hunters on your land? All feral cats would be neutered and having lived as part of a large colony are use to the more rustic life style.

Rabbits looking for grassy gardens and secure huts are Dick, Dom, Thumper#1, Thumper#2, Ziggy, Emily, Simon, William, Trigger, Silly, Billy, Edgar, Quincy and Joseph. All these rabbits are well handled and some are more inquisitive than others. Hopefully if the weather is kind to us on Sunday they will all be out in their runs. It would really be nice if some of these bunnies could get homes for the summer.

Three guineas looking for homes are Eliza, Hercules who go together and Harry who has come in on his own, and as you will see on Sunday it is very difficult to tell one end from the other.

We also have a lovely pair of well handled rats looking for homes, nicknamed R & R and Boris and Karloff are two gerbils looking for a home.