Kelso man latest scam victim

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Police in the Scottish Borders are appealing for information and issuing a warning to the public after an elderly man was defrauded of several thousand pounds.

A man called at the home of an 85-year-old man in Tweedsyde Park, Kelso last week and advised him they were there to check the security on his computer.

After being given access to the house and a laptop, a five-figure sum has been removed from the victim’s internet banking accounts.

Inquiries are ongoing to identify the suspect and communities are reminded never to let any unsolicited callers into their homes or provide them with access to any of your personal details or information.

Inspector John Scott said: “The callous individual responsible for this scam has clearly targeted an elderly man and successfully stolen a significant sum of cash from the victim’s internet banking accounts.

“We are pursuing a number of local lines of inquiry to trace this male and anyone with information is asked to come forward.”

Police are also warning about a series of scams currently circulating, from an email stating it was from TV Licensing, news of a large (non-existent) inheritance, to conmen ringing elderly residents and trying to persuade them to remove funds from their bank account.