Justine’s art is in BBC TV series

Artist Justine Miller at home in her studio in Allanton, Berwickshire.
Artist Justine Miller at home in her studio in Allanton, Berwickshire.

Three Borders artists have been watching prime-time drama One of Us to try to spot pictures of theirs being used as props in the series.

Justine Miller, of Allanton and Geof Hickey and Siobhan O’Hehir, were asked by the production company making One of Us to supply paintings to be hung up on the walls of the farmhouses featured in the show, filmed in and round Peebles last autumn. Almost five million people a week have been watching current prime-time drama series One of Us, but few have been doing so quite as closely as Justine, Geof and Siobhan as events unfold in the fictional Scottish Highlands village of Braeston.

Geof, a former art teacher, said: “We presume that the agents working for the BBC found us in the 2015 Crossing Borders Artists’ Directory.

“We have all seen some of our work, albeit briefly.

“It amuses us to spot our pictures, but, quite frankly, we are getting very involved with the plot, so much so that I suddenly discovered that in the background of a scene was one of my paintings that I had not recognised immediately.”

One of Us ended its four-episode run on BBC1 on Tuesday but is still available on catch-up.

Written by Harry and Jack Williams, it is directed by William McGregor and stars an ensemble cast including Laura Fraser, Juliet Stevenson, Joanna Vanderham, John Lynch, Adrian Edmondson and Georgina Campbell.

It has been attracting viewing figures of about five million.