Judges given difficult task at Westruther Flower Show

Westruther Flower Show'Grace Donaldson
Westruther Flower Show'Grace Donaldson
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A damp but mild morning saw the usual flurry of entries for this year’s Westruther Flower Show.

The hot spell this summer followed by damper weather had resulted in entries being well up on last year. Grace Donaldson, such a driving force behind Westruther’s success in the Floral Gateway competition, opened the show. Kate Hankey thanked Grace for opening the show, and two-year old Jamie Russell presented her with a gift.

Trophy winners: Naismith Cup (vegetables) - Norrie Donaldson; Special prize for vegetable class – Norrie Donaldson; Elliot Cup (flowers) - Grace Donaldson; Special prize for flowers – Kate Hankey; Floral Art Cup – Sandra Fullerton; Floral Art Shield (floral art runner-up): Kath Runciman; Joanna Wilson Cup (junior section) – Aaron Mitchell; Junior special prize – Aaron Mitchell; Forrest Cup (teenage section) – Struan Stevenson; Teenage Special – Struan Stevenson; Redpath Cup (jams and jellies) – Susan Nutt; Jams and Jellies special prize – Susan Nutt; Mae Young Cup (miscellaneous) – Mary Macfarlane; Miscellaneous special – Jane Stevenson; Baking Cup – Susan Nutt; Baking special – Mary Wilson; President’s Cup (handicrafts) – Kath Runciman; Handicrafts special prize – Struan Stevenson and Callum Wilson; Community Cup (floating cup – flowers) – Grace Donaldson; Westruther WRI Members’ Cup (most points in show) – Kate Hankey; Westruther Perpetual Cup (WRI member with most points) – Kate Hankey; Bessie Green Memorial Salver (best exhibit) Struan Stevenson and Callum Wilson; Westruther Jubilee Cup (sports) – Harris Mitchell.