John to show off his new colours

SBBN Fringe play The Colours of Kenny Roach featuring John Stenhouse formerly of Reston
SBBN Fringe play The Colours of Kenny Roach featuring John Stenhouse formerly of Reston

Former Reston man John Stenhouse returns to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe this year with a new show about a man who thinks he’s the next great Scottish artist.

The Berwickshire-born actor stars in Peppermint Muse’s production ‘The Colours of Kenny Roach’ following the success of his previous Edinburgh show, the one-man piece ‘Altamont’.

Billed as a “potent cocktail of art and addiction” the multi-media piece has already been listed in the Fringe Review ‘top 100’ picks (out of over 3,000 Fringe acts).

Based on real-life stories, Rebecca Russell’s play focuses on the character of Glaswegian artist Kenny, played by John.

Kenny is a precocious talent, both charming and arrogant, who pegs himself as the next David Hockney, but his charisma also extends to his darker side.

The explosive production features projections of old masters and original art as well as a soundtrack featuring songs of The Smiths.

“That’s the extra device, “ said John, “the way we show those paintings -including things like Michelangelos and more modern stuff - over the onstage action.”

And there will be an extra frisson running beneath
 the action onstage, as the 
play will also feature John’s wife, Lisa, 
opposite him, in the role of...Lisa, another painter.

“That got very interesting sometimes,” said John ahead of his Edinburgh stint.

“Obviously, the play is about that kind of character - you’ve seen it with people like Vincent van Gogh and Dylan Thomas.

“It can be very interesting ,and dramatic, what happens in a mix of art and alcohol.

“With Lisa, we’ve managed it fine, but of course we have had to have some sharp words onstage between us!

“And the funny thing is that we have actually even started reeling off lines from the play when we’re at home together.”

‘The Colours of Kenny Roach’ will be shining a light on the art world at theSpace @ Niddry St, Venue 9, during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, From August 17–29 (excluding August 23).

Shows start at7.10pm.