James’ border journey

James Bruce setting off to Annan
James Bruce setting off to Annan

Berwick’s James Bruce made a footballing pilgrimage this week when he walked from Berwick to Annan for their League 2 game.

James’ plan was to walk from the Berwickshire News office to Annan, in his kilt and with a union flag, camping out along the way, although he admits he took a wrong turn on his first day and had to make a detour around Chirnside. James, who has previously trekked through Africa for charity, arrived at the Galabank stadium 15 minutes into the match, three days after setting off.

He wishes to thank the Berwick supporters coach for giving him a lift back.

The trip was intended to be a reminder of the benefits of living in the United Kingdom, James said.

He undertook the journey to show, in his words, that: “You can feel a Britishness in you that doesn’t rely on internal conflicts.”