Jack and Sophie top baby name charts

Jack and Sophie were the most popular baby names chosen by Borders parents in 2014.

National Records of Scotland reveal that Jack was also the most popular boys’ name throughout Scotland and has been for the past seven years.

As far as the girls are concerned although Sophie was the most popular name in the Borders for baby girls it was beaten to first spot across Scotland by Emily, which took the lead in 2014 for the time in nine years. Sophie dropped to second place in the national baby name chart.

Borders parents are a tradtional lot if the top ten boys and girls names chosen in 2014 are anything to go by.

Following Jack in the Borders boys’ list is: 2 James; 3 Noah; 4 Lewis; 5 Archie; 6= Alexander; 6= Finlay; 6= Max; 6= Oliver; 10= Harris, 10= Logan; 10= Thomas.

For the girls Sophie was the outright winner followed by: 2= Emily; 2= Lily; 4= Ava; 4= Olivia; 6= Charlotte; 6= Chloe; 9= Alice, Ella, Elle, Elsie, Eva, Millie, Phoebe, Poppy and Ruby.

Fiona Hyslop, Scottish Cabinet Secretary for Culture, Europe and External Affairs, said: “It’s such a big decision choosing a name for a new baby and it’s always interesting to see the names proud parents all over Scotland have picked.

“This year’s figures show Jack has remained the most popular name – the seventh year now in the top slot.

“But this year Emily has taken over the top spot for girl’s names, with Sophie dropping to the second most popular name after nine years at the top.

“There were 540 Jacks registered in Scotland and 539 babies called Emily. There were almost 27,000 boys and 26,000 girls registered in the first 11 months of 2014, but parents chose over 7,400 different first name, around 4,800 of these were unique.”