It’s still ‘no’ for 12 new holiday chalets at Coldingham

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Twelve holiday cabins, plus an office and laundry block at Milldown Farmhouse, Coldingham, still do not have the go ahead to be built.

Planning permission for the development was refused in March this year and the applicant requested that Scottish Borders Council’s Local Review Body reconsider that decision. They did so this week - and came to the same conclusion that the development should not be allowed.

The plans attracted a considerable number of objections, but in a statement to councillors, the applicants said “there has been multiple objections from the same people”, adding that a number of them do not live in the area.

The Local Review Body looked at the evidence and concluded that the original decision - not to allow the holiday development - was correct.

The decision was based on the 12 chalets being contrary to tourism and leisure development; no economic justification having been made; they would harm the appearance of the special landscape; and insufficient information had been provided about the flooding risk at the proposed new bridge.