It’s no ordinary cup of tea that comes from Left Field

Geraint Roberts and Jo Easingwood Roberts are Scotland's first kombucha tea brewers
Geraint Roberts and Jo Easingwood Roberts are Scotland's first kombucha tea brewers

Pioneering new drinks company, Left Field Kombucha, has set up Scotland’s first commerical Kombucha brewery in Eyemouth.

Husband and wife Geraint Roberts and Jo Easingwood Robert started the business in 2016 and are delighted that its original brew, the No.1 Yunnan Black, has been shortlisted for a Scotland Food and Drink Excellence Award 2017.

Left Field's No.1 Yunnan Black

Left Field's No.1 Yunnan Black

Left Field uses the finest loose leaf teas to produce kombucha, a raw, fermented cold drink with an unexpected fizz.

The company name Left Field reflects the reaction of many when they first taste the tea - unexpected, yet natural.

“Kombucha tea is very popular in the US, where you can ordinarily find a fridge full of dozens of different varieties in regular cafes and bars,” explained Jo.

“As the appetite for raw, healthier and fermented food and drink expands internationally we believe that the UK is set for a growth in interest in Kombucha, and hope our new Scottish brand will be at the forefront of this growth.”

The fermented tea retains probiotic nutrients, and Jo calls it a “soft drink with a strong underbelly”.

Geraint, a former beer brewer, began to make kombucha tea at home in early 2016, then progressed into local markets in Edinburgh, upscaling to new premises which were converted into a brewery by Geraint and his father-in-law, John.

“We are fascinated by the aromatics of premium loose leaf teas, and our brewing draws out those amazing flavours, without the need to add sweeteners or flavourings, hopefully giving our brews an authentic and natural taste,” said Geraint.

“The fermentation process is a bit of a labour of love; it certainly doesn’t take as long as whisky to make, but each batch is prepared over several weeks at a time”.

For enquiries about Left Field Kombucha please visit their website or visit their social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) on @leftfieldbuch.