It’s a mystery why no-one wants ‘lovely and affectionate’ Millie

Sometimes it is a bit of a mystery why some animals come and go quickly and others don’t.

Millie is one such example. She is a lovely, friendly and affectionate lurcher type, just over a year old. She walks well on lead and loves to play. She has teamed up with both Bill, the three to four year old lurcher, and Fenris, the one-year-old Boxer cross, and just loves to play off lead with them.

They run round in every increasing and decreasing circles, getting thoroughly worn out. It is great to see them enjoying each others company.

Millie doesn’t need long walks though, short bursts do her just fine, and she enjoys cuddling up in her bed, with a tasty chew. She would settle in a house with or without another dog and could go with children over about seven, due to her exuberant nature.

Another such dog was a large cross called Ronnie, finally someone realised they had a Ronnie shaped hole in their home. We had a fantastic video of her which you can see on our facebook page. Roll on the day we can see one of Millie, or indeed any of our animals.

Rollie is a typical Staffie, soft as anything and full of energy, he loves his walks, craves attention and is okay on lead around other dogs. He can sometimes play up by trying to play tug with his lead but the more love he gets so his behaviour improves.

We have lots and lots of other dogs including Robbie the Doberman, Max the Bichon Frise, Cherrie and Zara both Shih Tzu, Buzz and Rocco/lurcher types, Takara a beauty of a Akita, Kim a medium sized cross who is almost five and has spent more of her life in kennels that out, Tye and English Bull Terrier cross whose confidence grows day by day, Tess an older German Shepherd and Eddie a medium sized cross who looks like an overgrown Jack Russell.

Of course we also have Holly the Border Collie who has now lost an incredible eight kilos and is looking and feeling so much better for it. We have a waiting list of dogs needing to come in and other who we are trying to rehome.

Our cattery is completely full.