Is missing Edinburgh cat in Berwick?

Missing cat Pixie
Missing cat Pixie

AN EDINBURGH cat is believed to be enjoying an impromptu holiday in Berwick.

Pixie, pictured left, is famous for hanging around the ASDA Jewel store off the A1 in Edinburgh.

He has a cat’s natural curiosity, and one theory goes that he was investigating a lorry or car and accidentally hitched a ride south.

Avril Brown of Queen Margaret University, said: “We have recently heard that Pixie could be in the Berwick area, possibly kept in someone’s house. We don’t know obviously just how true this story is, but it seems worth following up on since there is no trace of him at all in and around Edinburgh.”

Pixie has been missing now for more than six weeks.

He has previous form for going ’walkabout’, so his owners have had him microchipped.

He has very distinctive freckles on his nose, and a very thick tail.

If you think you’ve seen Pixie, or have any other information, then please get in touch at