Introduction of new Police Scotland patrols will help to improve road safety

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A NEW national unit with the aim of helping improve public safety and increase police presence on the roads will form part of the single police service when it comes into effect this April.

Plans for the new national Trunk Roads Patrol Unit have been unveiled by Chief Constable Steve House. Police Scotland is reshaping its roads policing support across the country, establishing a national unit to improve police visibility across the national roads network, deter poor driver behaviour and target criminals who use the motorway and trunk road network.

This will be reinforced by local Divisional Roads Policing Units which will focus on policing local collision hotspots, reducing road casualties and dealing with local road safety concerns.

Chief Constable Steve House said: “The public consistently have road safety issues at the top of their list of concerns. Keeping people safe is at the heart of our policing service. This twin track approach delivers a police service for Scotland at a national and a local level.

“By creating a new national roads policing unit with bases across the country, we can raise our visibility across some of our busiest roads, encouraging responsible driver behaviour and tackling those who make the roads less safe for others.

“We want to deny criminals the use of the road network. We also want to improve further the record Scotland has in reducing fatalities and injuries on the roads. The move to a single service allows us a real opportunity for smarter policing, better matching resource to demand and ensuring we continue to build on the lowest crime for 37 years.”

The new national Trunk Roads Patrol Unit will operate around the clock providing high profile traffic enforcement on major national routes including motorways. It will be responsible for influencing driver behaviour, making Scotland’s roads safer, reducing casualties and reducing road crime tackling criminals who use the national roads network.

The Divisional Roads Policing Units will work closely with new Local Divisional Commanders in meeting casualty reduction targets, targeting criminals on the local network and other local policing priorities.