Interview: Outgoing Eyemouth High School head teacher

Eyemouth High School
Eyemouth High School
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Abby Lannagan interviews outgoing Eyemouth High School head teacher Mr Dave Watson.

What is your favourite film?

Recent films that I have watched and enjoyed are Super 8 and The Grand Budapest Hotel.


If you were a superhero, what would your power be?

To have the ability to come into a tricky situation and give out comforting waves to calm people down.


What are your plans for retirement?

Nothing firm yet, but a few plans. I am running the Great Edinburgh Run (10 miles) and if that is successful I will run a half-marathon (13 miles). I am thinking about doing some further study on a subject that I missed out on when I was at school – history – but I am not exactly sure what that will entail yet. I will 
think about doing some voluntary work.


What were your best moments at Eyemouth?

One of them was when we moved into the new school building, achieving that goal in only three days. The school atmosphere was transformed and became more relaxed. Over time more young people have been taking up the challenge of aiming higher with schoolwork and other available opportunities, becoming proud to achieve and knowing 
that it is good to achieve things.


What were your worst moments at Eyemouth?

It is always hard when we lose young people, lose potential lives.


What was your favourite aspect of teaching?

Seeing young people understand something, the thrill of achieving which is feedback that you have affected their life and learning.


Is there a piece of advice you would want to give to someone taking over your role?

Being head teacher can be a lonely and isolated job so build close relationships, support networks to help you. Don’t be afraid to get support or help from others.


What do you think is the school’s biggest asset?

People. Our teachers, staff, parents and most importantly, our young people.


What legacy do you think you’ll leave behind?

I hope that Mr Chapman will inherit a community of young people that are ready to learn, are enthused about learning and believe that they, as students can achieve anything.


What would you like to see the school achieve in future?

I would like to see the school move from strength to strength, academic achievement continue to increase and young people achieve more in the wider community. I would like to see a balance between personal development, which 
defines us as people, and academic development.


What words of advice do you have for the pupils at school?

Believe in yourselves – everybody can learn, you just have to believe it.