Internet coverage still poor

Local MSP John Lamont has raised concerns with the Scottish Government and BT about the poor internet service still being experienced in many Borders communities. It comes after several residents raised complaints about the Denholm exchange.

This is just one example however of many instances across the region where communities are suffering from poor broadband speeds compared to more urban areas. In letters to the Scottish Government and BT Mr Lamont has called on urgent action to be taken to bring internet in the Borders up to speed.

He said: “The problem of slow internet speeds in the Borders has been a longstanding one, and something that I have been striving to solve since I first became an MSP. I am frequently contacted by local residents who are upset at constantly having to deal with having slow or non-existent internet connections, and it is time the situation was resolved once and for all.

“The problems being experienced in Denholm are not ones unique in our region.

“Having a fast and reliable internet connection is vital in this day and age, and there is no reason why this should not be provided throughout the Borders. Simply because we live in a more rural region is not an excuse for the poor service we receive, and urgent action needs to be taken.”

He added: “I know there are on-going efforts to improve internet speeds throughout the Borders, but BT and the Scottish Government have a responsibility to ensure the connections that are already in place work effectively.”