Inspectors find a positive climate for learning at Eyemouth High School

Eyemouth High School
Eyemouth High School

The latest Education Scotland report on Eyemouth High School rates the learning, teaching and assessment at the school as good.

Inspectors found a very positive climate for learning in all curriculum areas and were particularly impressed by the school’s Chill ‘n’ Chat café which they described as “a practice worth sharing more widely”.

The school’s efforts in raising attainment and achievement were graded as satisfactory. Areas for improvement identified by inspectors are currently being addressed and these include developing more consistency in the quality of learning and teaching across the school and continuing to develop the senior phase curriculum so that it provides appropriate and varied pathways for all young people, further increasing opportunities for them to attain well.

Headteacher, Robin Chapman, said: “This report recognises the significant hard work which has been put in by our pupils, staff, parents and partners to provide the warm, rich and challenging environment which has been our focus over the last few years.

“With a commitment to the very best learning in and out of lessons, we are confident to see the school continue to improve and encourage our young people to thrive, gaining the skills, attributes, knowledge and qualities they need to be successful in their future journeys. Inspectors had particular praise for our Chill ‘n’ Chat Café, run by young people, where learners are building their life skills, confidence and self-worth but I am proud of all our achievements which the report highlights, and grateful for the significant support Eyemouth High School receives from its community.”

Eyemouth High Parent Council chair, Wendy Brocker-Penalver, added: “I was delighted to read the summarised inspection findings report, which reflects the hard work and dedication of all the staff and pupils at Eyemouth High School.

“The report highlights, as anyone who has visited our school will recognise, that the school has a positive climate for learning, that our young people are well mannered and well behaved; and that they feel safe at our school and are enthusiastic about the wide range of opportunities afforded them.

“I would like to commend every member of staff at Eyemouth High for their continued hard work and commitment in making our school a safe and caring environment of excellent learning, opportunity and achievement.”

“We are aware that the senior management team has been working for some time to develop a culture of professional learning and peer support amongst staff and were pleased to see this highlighted in the report.”

“It was heartening that the report acknowledged how fortunate we are to have a highly skilled and caring staff who, whilst encouraging our young people to take responsibility for their learning, are prepared to work with and support every young person to motivate them to reach their full potential.

“The staff are engaged in ongoing learning themselves to support school improvements in learning and teaching. They strive to ensure equality amongst learners. This is clearly shown in the senior phase, where leavers are attaining good results and moving to a positive destination, with these figures improving year by year.

“The young people at our school benefit from a wide range of learning supports and their increasing achievements indicate that they are benefiting from the additional help available within school and online.

“Inspectors also highlighted participation in school clubs, the enrichment programme, volunteering both within school and also schemes such as Duke of Edinburgh and Saltire and adopting leadership roles, as well as innovative projects such as the very successful Chill n Chat Café. These are helping our young people to learn skills for life, as well as providing opportunities for them to achieve beyond the classroom.

“Where there are areas of improvement, these had already been identified and it was noted that steps are being taken to improve where required, which is very encouraging.”

Inspectors are confident that the school has the capacity to continue to improve and no further visits in connection with this inspection will be made.