Insight into archery offered

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If you have ever wondered how the longbow and billhook were used at the Battle of Flodden, then now’s your chance to find out.

Rusty Bodkins (alias Graham Hamilton), the Flodden archer, is hosting a demonstration of archery at Berwick Museum on Thursday, July 21, from 6pm to 8pm.

Visitors to this free event can learn about the different types of arrowheads used, and the type of wounds they would have inflicted.

Rusty will talk about the period equipment which would have been used, as well as the different liveries worn by the archers.

Although the bow itself altered very little throughout the period, fashions did change in dress and equipment, and younger visitors to the event will be able to get a real feel of what it would have been like at the time of the Battle of Flodden by dressing up as archers themselves.

Alistair Bowden, the project co-ordinator, said: “This really is a great opportunity for people to come along to learn about archery and what it would have been like to fight with a longbow at the time of the Battle of Flodden, the last time the longbow, the archetypal distance weapon of the medieval English army, was used in battle before it was surpassed by the primitive handgun, the arquebus.

“I’m sure that everyone will enjoy meeting Rusty and experiencing how the skill of the archer would have impacted on the battle.”