Input sought for St Abbs art project

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A WEEK ahead of its annual Splash In photographic exhibition, St Abbs and Eyemouth Voluntary Marine Reserve has announced it is going to house another art form by welcoming its own artist in residence as part of the National Trust for Scotland’s pARTicipate project.

The project aims to celebrate what is special about the Reserve at St Abbs through art, primarily sound and music, culminating in the composition of a new piece of music which will be performed by the Scottish Chamber Orchestra next year.

This phase of the project involves local artist, Sarah Riseborough, working on visual art to compliment the musical side of the project, and to reflect the fact that a visit to the area really does stimulate all the senses.

Sarah will be working out of the community centre in St Abbs village, spending two days a week on the project until October and her work will develop organically, depending on what inspires her during her time in the area.

Some will be ephemeral pieces out on St Abb’s Head working with what is there naturally and possibly using materials like vegetation that is cleared off footpaths.

She will be working in harmony with nature, leaving nothing permanent behind, and doing no damage to the reserve.

Sarah would very much like input from residents and visitors alike to help her develop stories and ideas as to what makes the Reserve so special to people. So pop in and see her in the community centre, stop her when you see her out and about around the reserves, or contact her at

Discussing the project, Sarah said: “Erosion, evolution, migration and the way we perceive and relate to the reserves are sources of fascination for me. The project offers me the opportunity to, not only directly, represent the reserve in a traditional visual manner, but to respond to the rhythms of the place, and obtain a greater sense of its significance in the wider world through the migrations of people, animals and plants.

“This is a very exciting opportunity for me to take the themes I have developed in formal education and apply them in the wider world.’

The Reserve’s property manager, Liza Cole, added: “It is going to be very exciting having Sarah in residence at St Abbs for such a long period of time. I, for one, am intrigued as to what work the nature reserves are going to inspire her to produce.

“It will also be really interesting to find exactly what people really think is so special about the nature reserves, both above and below the waves; because of course we all have our own personal ideas.”