Hutton & Paxton Community Council

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Strimming Grant

A new strimmer had been purchased by the community council. A grant application has been submitted to the appropriate department.

Repairs issues

A number of issues had been reported and moved forward by the neighbourhood and technical services managers including; fence repair at the Hutton cemetery and erection of netting to discourage rabbits; Fishwick bus shelter repair; cutting of grass surrounding two benches, Paxton; and repair of potholes on the Pansy Brae leading to Broomdykes.

Staff have been thanked for the swift following up of these issues.

Hedge/grass cutting

THE community council thanked Ali Birkett who, for the third year running, had kindly cut the hedge that faced into Brickholes Lane, allowing easier access for the many who walk the lane.

Walking paths

THREE community councillors met with SBC’s access ranger to discuss walking paths included in an East Berwickshire Walking Paths booklet. It was agreed that various local walking paths should be timed and historical information prepared.

Hutton/Paxton Bus Services

FOLLOWING recent discussions on what was regarded as an imbalance of bus services in comparison with other routes, a full survey of local bus services is to take place in 2013.

Orchard/Square Access, Paxton

DISCUSSION continued on the opening up of the access steps between The Orchard and The Square, closed during the development phase of The Orchard. Discussion continues about the commemorative ‘Jubilee Steps’. Work will by done by SBC with the community council contributing to the cost of the railing.

Winter Resilience

SCOTTISH Borders Council Resilience Team is giving another presentation to Hutton and Paxton residents at the next community council meeting in October.


FISHWICK Housing Development - the development had been passed despite adverse comments regarding road access and proposed planting.

Landscape designation - there was disappointment that despite contacting the planning department to request a re-think on the Merse designation, the plan had not been altered.

Leader Funding

THE fund is now accepting applications from local groups and organisations for projects that support innovation, community involvement and sustainable rural development. Grants of between £1,000 and £125,000 are available to fund up to 75% of project costs.

Gateways fundraiser

A BULB planting is being organised as a fundraiser for the Gateways project. Residents of Hutton and Paxton are invited to make a £10 donation for 200 daffodils bulbs that they will then plant on the road between Hutton and Paxton. Bulbs may be collected at 10am on Saturday, October 13, from Paxton Village Hall.

Electricity Cuts

GIVEN recent electricity cuts for information contact 0845 2727999.

Next meeting

HUTTON and Paxton Community Council next meets on October 25 in Hutton Village Hall at 7.30pm.