Hutton and Paxton Community Council

Winter resilience

THE Borders community resilience team outlined progress to date in supporting community resilience plans .

Scottish Water

THE situation at the treatment plant at Paxton remains unchanged with existing potholes deteriorating further. It will be followed up with SBC and Scottish Water.

Strimming grant

THE grant application for a new strimmer had been successful with full costs refunded to the community council.

Hutton graveyard

THE strimming of the grass within the graveyard had been organised and its appearance was now much improved.

Fishwick bus shelter

A CONTRACTOR has been asked to look at the issues involved in repairing the shelter.

Orchard/Square access

No further information had been received but involvement of students in designing a more aesthetic railing is possible.


THE housing site adjacent to Hutton Church has been removed from the Local Plan and the previous site south of the village reinstated. Fishwick Housing Development: Prior to the development, a revised tree/shrub planting scheme will be submitted to the council.

Knowehead, Hutton

THE issue of potholes in the Knowehead area of Hutton will be reported to the SBC neighbourhood manager.

Next meeting

THE community council next meets on November 22 in Paxton Village Hall, at 7.30pm.