Hutton and Paxton Community Council

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Police visit

THERE were five calls to police since the April meeting; two road checks resulted in a number of motorists reported for vehicle defects, speeding and other offences. One minor vehicle accident. Two calls related to requests for advice with regard to phone scams. No recorded offences.

As part of their wider rural crime prevention strategy, the police, in association with Horsewatch Scotland and South Lammermuir Riding Club, are offering a free tack marking service; officers will post-code stamp leather tack items as a deterrent to thieves. People are invited to contact the police who will visit, plus they would like to know of any local equine events that they could also attend.

Inspector Brian Macfarlane has taken over responsibility for policing in the East Community Policing Area (covering Coldstream, Duns, Eyemouth, Kelso, Earlston and Lauder), based at Duns Police Station, Tel: 01361 882222 Email:

Paxton Water Treatment Plan

A site meeting is to be arranged between the neighbourhood manager and a Scottish Water representative to discuss the state of the road at the entrance to the water treatment plant. There can be difficulties with vehicles passing because the road is narrow, particularly in wet weather as the area is subject to severe flooding.

Playpark lighting: A site meeting between the Gateways project leader and the neighbourhood manager had been held to discuss possibilities and alternatives with regard to a meeting place for village youths.

Hutton trees

THE landscape architect had agreed to take on board points made by the community council on behalf of Hutton residents with regard to the graveyard where trees had been removed but not replaced. Residents had been invited to indicate their preference from a suggested list.


AN advert had been placed on Hutton and Paxton notice boards inviting applications for a local person to strim the walking paths. One application had been received.

Hutton caravan

FOLLOWING a query in November with regard to a parked caravan at The Knowe, Hutton, it is still in situ and has been reported again.

Walking Paths

CONTACT has been made with the access ranger and a meeting is to take place soon to discuss additional paths for inclusion in the East Berwickshire brochure.


THE deputy chair outlined the community council’s intended response to the Scottish Borders Local Development Plan – Main Issues Report.

Big event

BERWICKSHIRE Community Council Forum are looking to organise a ‘Big Event’ to bring together various Berwickshire community groups to exchange information.

Next meeting

THE next meeting of Hutton and Paxton Community Council will be on Thursday, June 28 in Paxton Village Hall at 7.30pm.