HUSTINGS: Last of the old voting system?

Willie Thomson of East Lothian NFU asked the candidates for their view on the voting system that they were working under, and wondered if this could be the last election under the ‘first past the post’ rules.

UKIP’s Peter Neilson answered that the voting system should change, in order to become more democratic, and to avoid a “one winner takes all” situation.

Labour’s Kenryck Lloyd-Jones addressed the issue of tactical voting, which has emerged as a major concern in this election.

“People need to vote in what they believe in,” he said. “For instance, we know that we are coming from behind, but we also know that people want a change.” This was echoed by the SNP’s Calum Kerr, who said: “People should vote positively for the party that they believe in.”

For Conservative candidate John Lamont, there is a “seismic change” coming in Scotland, regardless of the electoral system.

He anticipated a very close race between the Tories and the SNP, with the Liberal Democrats suffering heavy losses. He compared it to the wiping out of Scotland’s Conservatives in the 1997 election, which he remembered as “a tidal wave”.

“Anybody can sense that there is a seismic change coming,” he added.