Householders in Dunbar area are being encouraged to ‘Be Green’

HOUSEHOLDERS in the Dunbar area are being offered grants to install solar water heating systems with funding from the Aikengall Wind Farm owners’ Community Windpower Ltd.

The company, which commissioned the Dunbar wind farm, wants to encourage home owners ‘be green’ and use the sun’s energy for hot water.

Community Windpower’s new BeGreen grant covers 40 per cent – or up to £1,200 – of the installation cost of a domestic solar thermal hot water system.

Combining the grant with other existing schemes means that Dunbar and East Linton residents could install some systems for less than £1,500.

They are already eligible for a discounted system under the East Lothian Solar Thermal Offer run by Be Green Dunbar and District, East Lothian Council and Energy Saving Scotland - and access to £300 cashback through the Government’s Renewable Heat Premium Payment.

The Scottish Government’s interest-free Home Renewables Loan can also help with the cost.

BeGreen Dunbar and District advice project is grant-funded by Community Windpower Ltd.

Diane Wood, managing director of Community Windpower Ltd, said: “We are delighted to be grant assisting local people who want to harness solar energy. It will be particularly attractive to families who have a high demand for hot water or households in ‘off gas’ areas where fuel costs are very high.

“We hope that the BeGreen grant combined with great discounted prices will encourage and enable residents in the ward to install solar thermal panels to generate their own hot water, reduce their fuel bills and their carbon footprint.”

For further information visit the BeGreen shop on West Port, Dunbar, or, alternatively, you can call the Energy Saving Scotland advice centre free on 0800 512 012.