Hospital visiting advice

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Before going to visit a friend or relative in hospital NHS Borders is asking people to play their part and help prevent the spread of infection.

Their advice is that if you are feeling under the weather and have a cough, cold or stomach bug wait until you are feeling better (and have been symptom-free for 48 hours) before visiting anyone in hospital.

Nicky Berry, director of nursing, midwifery & acute services, said: “When people are in hospital their bodies are already working hard to help them recover from an illness or surgery.

“During their recovery our patients are more susceptible to common coughs, colds and tummy bugs, which visitors can unknowingly pass on. So if you are unwell please play #yourpart and help protect yourself and others by staying at home and not visiting relatives who are in hospital, unless you absolutely have to.

“Of course, even if you are well, good hygiene is important especially when visiting a healthcare setting.

“Simple actions such as washing and drying your hands before visiting; using alcohol gel at our various hand hygiene points throughout the hospital and using the visitor chairs provided (as opposed to sitting on patient beds) will all help to keep your loved ones safe and prevent the spread of germs and infections.”

Further advice is available on the NHS Borders web site.