Home Park is set to get a new play area

A new play park in Coldstream's Home Park has moved a step closer after the Coldstream Common Good Working Group at Scottish Borders Council gave it their seal of approval.

Saturday, 29th December 2018, 8:37 am

The common good group - which includes the three Mid Berwickshire councillors John Greenwell, Donald Moffat and Mark Rowley - agreed that part of the council’s planned investment in outdoor community spaces should be used to create a new children’s play area in Coldstream’s Home Park.

The location of the play area - near the war memorial entrance of the park below the football pitch - was also agreed,

Group chairman John Greenwell said: “COPP (Coldstream Open Playpark Project) have done a great job in consulting with the local community and that is why SBC are able to push ahead so quickly. It is hoped that by June 19 Coldstream will have a brilliant play park that will be accessible for every child.”

In their report to the common good working group, SBC officers explained: “COPP have been trying to deliver on their vision since early 2013 and have been successful in harnessing the interest of the local community. However COPP have failed to realise their vision in part due to the challenges they face in accessing funding.

“Officers of SBC have worked with COPP to create a revised design for Home Park, Coldstream. The new location for the play area has been discussed and agreed locally and a consultation event on the design has been previously undertaken with only one concern being raised by a nearby resident about noise nuisance and the placement of equipment.”

Maintenance and provision of the play park will be undertaken by Scottish Borders Council, who have indicated plans to reduce the number of playparks where significant investment has been made.