Home owners urged to protect pipes

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THE owners of holiday homes and vacant properties in the Borders are being encouraged to ensure their properties are protected and prepared for winter.

Scottish Water is also asking those customers who are simply heading off on holiday during the winter months, to follow their winter code and protect their pipes and be prepared.

Holiday homes are particularly vulnerable to damage caused by burst pipes as they often lie empty over the winter months.

Scottish Water, supported by VisitScotland, is encouraging holiday home owners to be prepared and ensure they take steps to heat, insulate and protect their property while it is not being used to help reduce the risk of burst pipes and water damage.

The threat of damage to holiday properties is a very real problem during the winter months.

In many cases, the burst isn’t noticed until neighbouring, occupied properties begin to lose supply.

Holiday home owners are therefore being advised to take the following steps: heat, insulate and protect pipes; leave heating on at a low setting; if your home is uncoocupied make sure someone regularly checks for any problems; if the property is going to be vacant over the winter months, turn off the water supply and drain the system, a licensed plumber should be able to advise you about this; keep insurance documents somewhere secure and water-tight so you can access them easily if needed; locate your stop valve and keep a note of the Scottish Water Customer Helpline number – 0845 601 8855.

Further information and advice is available at the following website: www.scottishwater.co.uk/winter.