Holiday documents scam warning

British Passport
British Passport
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Ahead of the summer holiday season, Borders MP Michael Moore is warning local people against passport and health card internet scams.

The issue was raised with Mr Moore recently by one of his constituents who had been stung by an unofficial EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) website. The website charged the constituent £19.99 for the card when, through the official NHS website, it is possible to apply for the card free of charge. Another constituent used an unofficial passport renewal website which charged an additional £40 for the passport, over and above the normal charge for a renewal.

Mr Moore said:“Going on holiday is expensive enough, let along having to pay these extra, unnecessary charges for travel documents.

“I want to urge Borderers, as they renew EHIC cards and passports this summer, to only use the official websites or the Post Office – for passports – to ensure that they do not pay any extra for these services.”