History right on the doorstep in Duns

History on your Doorstep at Duns
History on your Doorstep at Duns
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The people of Duns will get to find out more about the town they live in and how it’s changed through the ages thanks to a new exhibition.

Scottish Borders Council’s museum service and Dunse History Society have joined forces to reveal the ‘History on your Doorstep’ exhibition, which is being held in the Duns Library Contact Centre until August 3.

Duns Town Centre

Duns Town Centre

Focusing on the Market Square and Newtown Street in Duns, the exhibition reveals the fascinating history of the markets, buildings and shops of Duns over the last 200 years.

People might not know that Duns had a huge town hall in the middle of the Market Square from 1816 to the 1960s.

In its latter years this was used as a knitwear factory and the exhibition includes items from some of the people who worked there.

‘History on your Doorstep’ also includes photographs of the buildings knocked down in the 1970s to make way for the bypass which joins Currie Street to Newtown Street, and fascinating aerial views and maps of Duns - including two borrowed from the Duns Castle archive.

Scottish Borders Council and the History Society, in conjunction with the Duns area museum office, issued a joint appeal to residents earlier this year to offer up anything they thought would be suitable for the exhibition .

And the rallying call was answered by a number of locals who were happy to donate their items to the cause, including drawings and photos of Duns from yesteryear like the ones pictured above.

Among other objects on show will be some of the 19th century balls used in the Duns Hand Ba’ game along with the Provost’s robes and chair, and items made and sold in Duns including a fine long case clock.

During the exhibition there will be two family fun events - giving people the chance to learn how to find out more about the history of their own house or family, along with games and craft activities.

These will be free but spaces are limited so it is essential to book in advance at the Library Contact Centre desk or by phoning 01361 882622.

The events will take place on July 10 and 31 from 10am to 12 noon.

If you cannot get to Duns, similar events will also be taking place in Coldstream Museum.

Call 01890 882630 for more information.