Historical concerns result in site visit at Foulden

AN application for planning permission to demolish a semi-detatched cottage in Foulden and build a replacement house, was continued at a meeting of the Berwickshire Area Committee, amid concerns surrounding the historical importance of the property.

The application proposes to demolish a semi-detatched house at New Mains Farm Cottage, and erect a replacement dwelling house on this site, which is surrounded by agricultural land to the south and east, a relatively large pond and wooded area to the north and existing houses to the west at New Mains Farm, including the adjoining cottage.

Two letters objecting to the plans had been received, raising issues including claims that the existing cottages are of historical importance, and therefore should not be demolished. It was suggested that the cottages are one of just two remaining original pairs of cottages in the Foulden, Mordington and Lamberton district, which were built as part of the resettlement programme after the First World War.

Although the head of planning and building standards recommended that the application be approved, some members of the committee were concerned about the historical importance of the property, and wanted more information before giving the go-ahead.

Councillor Raw said: "I have got concerns about this. The historical importance of this building could be significant and I would like to be more informed from a historical point of view before I consider this application.

"I feel the description of the property is vague in this respect. I would like colleagues to consult Historic Scotland and find out more, and I would like to visit the site."

But Councillor Fullarton disagreed. He said: "I do not share Councillor Raw's historical concerns. I know the area well and I suspect that the cottages won't be of significant importance historically."

Foulden, Mordington and Lamberton Community Council unanimously objected to the application on a number of grounds, including concerns over the impact it would create on the landscape. Due to the "comprehensive response" of the Community Council, Councillor Jones supported the move for members of the committee to visit the site before proceeding with the application, and judgement was reserved until the next committee meeting, pending consultation with Historic Scotland and the site visit.