High school pupils put together African Jigsaw

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Since starting at Berwickshire High School in August, all S1 pupils have been part of a cross curricular project between the expressive arts - art and music.

Pupils learnt five songs from the musical African Jigsaw during their time in music lessons and in art they designed, drew and painted T-shirts to wear during their performance. The T-shirts were inspired by the flags, colours and patterns of Africa.

The final performance took place on a Friday afternoon.

Primary 7s from Duns Primary were invited up to watch, to get a flavour of what they might do next year in S1.

Some senior pupils as well as pupils from the Support Base were also present in the audience.

The youngsters’ performance featured a number of songs including a rousing rendition of Shanty Children and a solo by Lydia Bales.

Everyone enjoyed the performance and all present agreed that the brightly coloured T-shirts really added to the festive mood of the