High school food is best in Borders

Angela Goodwin centre, Alistair McIntyre right
Angela Goodwin centre, Alistair McIntyre right
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A BERWICKSHIRE School has all the right ingredients to provide pupils with a luscious lunch - and that’s official.

The catering team at Eyemouth High School has been named the Scottish Borders school catering team of the year for 2011.

Thanks to the top-class catering, traditional ‘school dinner’ horror stories are well and truly a thing of the past in Eyemouth, and the dedicated catering team has been officially recognised for providing pupils with top-notch grub.

Competing with high street outlets and delivering good value, tasty school meals on a tight budget is a challenge in itself, but adhering to strict nutritional guidelines makes it even harder. But by working with suppliers such as McCain, and through a process of trial and hard work, the catering team at Eyemouth High seems to have found the solution.

The school’s enthusiastic and dedicated team of cooks, led by Angela Goodwin, trial new products, develop new recipes and gauge feedback from the most discerning of customers – the pupils.

With one of the highest free school meal uptakes in Scotland and an average spend per pupil, per day of £2, it is safe to say that the formula is working.

Alistair McIntyre, Head of Catering for Scottish Borders, said that the Eyemouth team fully deserved the accolade.

“Angela and her team do a fantastic job and fully deserve the accolade of catering team of the year,” he said. “We’re always looking at new ways to drive quality and uptake across the whole region and this process starts with trial. Eyemouth High School is instrumental in the success of this process.

“A catering team who are happy to collaborate with suppliers, such as McCain, to find the right solutions and the best products and recipes allows us to remain competitive. Ninety percent of pupils now stay in some of our schools, it used to be the reverse.”