Herring Queen fun all week

EHQ 2015 crowning ceremony
EHQ 2015 crowning ceremony

The Eyemouth Herring Queen Festival is off and running with visitors and locals alike flocking to the dozens of events put on in the town.

The week got off to a stylish start when Queen Roma Peakman, accompanied by her court - Beth Cromarty, Caitlin Lauder, Lia Mitchell and Chloe Robertson, made the traditional lifeboat trip from St Abbs to Eyemouth harbour.

Wendy Lough, publicity officer for the festival, said: “It’s been absolutely fantastic, we’re so happy with how everything went.

“The weather gods have really been on our side. And that, I think, helped the crowds turn out. Queen Roma has had a ball, an absolute ball. She has just done nothing all week but smile. We’ve had lots of former Herring Queens come back, there was even Sandra Aitchison who had come back from Texas for all the festivities!

“And it’s been so well attended. We had 160 people enter the fancy dress competition, which is a record. There were 130-140 in the sandcastle competition and 180 at the bingo, which has been great to see. The public have supported us so well. Now we look forward to the torchlight parade and fireworks on Saturday night, which will be spectacular, again.

“We’ve got professional pyrotechnics organised and £1,500 of fireworks reflecting in the sea.

“The torchlight parade will be great too, so we are urging people to buy their tickets in advance from Occasions.

“They are only £3 each, and the tickets are needed for the bearer to be handed a candle-torch on the night at the start of the parade.”

Speaking after their weekend of events, the organisers of the 2015 festival took to Facebook to thank the townsfolk for their support.

“Thanks to everyone who came along yesterday and today, played, sang, entertained, raised funds, sold their wares, kept us fed and watered and generally supported EHQ.

“We literally couldn’t do it without you. Here’s to the rest of the week.

“Hope to see you all there!”

Competition results so far are as follows:

Best Dressed court house: The McFarlaine’s at Stebbings rise.

Best Dressed non-court house: The McQueens at Albert Road.

Best Dressed Boat: The Cygnet.

Best Dressed Shop Window: 1st – Occasions; 2nd – FMA; 3rd – Baby and Me.

Sandcastle competition, Under 5s: 1st - Zach Renton; 2nd - Dexter Skene; 3rd - Holly Inkpen.

Age 6-9: 1st - Amy Rob; 2nd - Keely-Jo Virtue; 3rd - Kiera McCall.

Age 10-16: 1st - Megan Stephenson; 2nd Tiree McCall; 3rd - Poppy Harris.

Groups: 1st - Skye and Leah; 2nd Keiran, Leo, Liam and Kane; 3rd - Charlie, Oliver Tyler and Jamie.

Fancy Dress, buggies: 1st - Supergirl - Joel; 2nd - Pirate Ship - Clyde; 3rd - Eyemouth Herring Queen Eva Crawford.

Birth to two years: 1st - Little Miss Muffett - Katie; 2nd - flower in a pot - Laurie; 3rd - butterfly - Ebonie.

3–5 years: 1st - Save St Abbs Life Boat - Jake; 2nd Eyemouth Herring Queen - Faith; 3rd - Little Mermaid - Katie.

6–8 years: 1st - Puppet in a box - Kade; 2nd - Bunch of Grapes - Ethan; 3rd - Lego lifeboat man - Stewart.

8-11 years: 1st - Wild animal in transit - Dani; 2nd - Wolf in the woods - Sebastian; 3rd - Wicked Witch - Emily.

12-16 years: 1st - A bunch of flowers - Tamara; 2nd - Skull Candy.


1st - Alice in Wonderland - the Harvies and the Blackies; 2nd - The Greek debt busters - Ryan and Melody; 3rd - EHQ mothers cakes.

Adults: 1st - She Devil - Katrina.

The overall winner for the Glenda Jappy Memorial Trophy was Kade, as a ‘Puppet in a Box’.

Ten pin Bowling: 1st Louis Robertson; 2nd Sophie Arnold; 3rd Zach Renton; 4th Calum Moodie.