Hens wait for new home

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A site visit to Hutton Hall Barns is needed before members of the council’s planning committee make a decision about a new shed to house 32,000 free range hens.

Maclean Eggs Ltd applied for planning permission for the shed near the Borders Eggs Ltd sheds that already house 40,000 hens at Hutton Hall Barns.

The Scottish Environmental Protection Agency and the council’s environmental health team had both initially raised objections to the proposal due to a lack of information on business size/ bird numbers. Both are now satisfied that Maclean Eggs Ltd is a separate entity from the nearby sheds operated by Border Eggs Ltd, and agree that the day to day operational management of the business outlined by the applicants is now acceptable.

The council’s planning officer recommended approval of the plans, however, local residents still remain opposed to the business development, and members of Scottish Borders Council’s planning committee want to see the site for themselves before deciding whether or not to let it go ahead.

Maclean Eggs Ltd is a new company which has been set up in order to supply the free range egg market in the UK.

Selection and packing of the eggs will be carried out on site by two full time and two part time members of staff before the eggs are dispatched to Nobles Food to supply supermarkets Sainsbury and Cooperative.